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Highlight your values to assess the candidate's fit, in both principle and in action, of your company, your department and/or your teams.

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Values Map
Stéphane Moriou

Expert in Values Map

Stéphane Moriou
Top 100 global thought leader on feedback and assessment

Stéphane Moriou, Ph.D., is a world expert speaker on the art and science of feedback. His conference "The Art of Feedback" is THE world reference on the subject. At the age of less than 30, he was appointed Director of Human Resources for the Le Duff Group. At less than 40, he is one of the presidents of ManpowerGroup. Today, as CEO of MoreHuman Partners, he works as a researcher, speaker and consultant on topics related to cognitive skills, including how to give and receive feedback.

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Values Map Test: Assess and Hire the Best Candidates!

You're ready to start screening candidates for your open position. If many candidates have applied, it may be difficult to choose the best person for the job. 

Then once you've chosen someone, how do you know if you've got the best ones? Luckily, there are tools that can help ensure you've hired the best candidate.

Create a dynamic and engaging test for potential hires using the Values Map Test for hiring tool. The Values Map will allow you to tailor a plan of company culture to guide how you recruit and select your team of employees.

Values are an underlying component of all company hiring. In addition to technical, peripheral, and soft skills, getting a read of your candidates' personal and professional values will allow you to steer hiring operations in a way that will build up company culture and morale.

We look forward to assisting you in hiring the best, most qualified, accountable, and capable employees. Let's build the future of work together!

How To Use Values Map Tests in the Hiring Process?

Use our innovative assessment system to evaluate all potential employees. The Values Map test for hiring is highly customizable to allow each specific company throughout all fields to tailor its hiring process to its particular needs.

You get to decide how and when this falls into your recruitment process. Especially when your candidate pool is full of many seemingly qualified applicants, the Values Map may be a great way to start paring down your selections.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller pool of specialized candidates, it may be the best way to parse out individuals to see who will make the best fit.

Create a Value Map test that can be used across any number of position listings. While a different technical assessment may be used for a position like an accountant and an administrative assistant, both candidates would both complete the same Value Map test to determine their fit with the company culture.

Customizing the Assessments

Maki makes it easy to brand your assessments to your specifications. Ask questions with your ideal candidate in mind. By understanding precisely what you are searching for, you can modify and adapt to get the best results.

Look beyond the usual scope of technical skills and soft skills to personal and professional values. These give an important bedrock to why your candidates are applying to work for your company specifically. 

In a similar way to crafting an excellent position description, you can tailor this values assessment toward the most ideal candidate. 

When creating your definitive Values Map test, you will select five value sets from the following:

  • Ambition and Performance
  • Courage and Determination
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Accountability and Integrity
  • Humility and Pragmatism
  • Passion and Joy
  • Independence and Authenticity
  • Respect and Trust
  • Action and Speed
  • Change and Transformation
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Employees and Health
  • Future and Global Thinking
  • Professionalism and Expertise
  • Science and Technology
  • Customers and Consumers
  • Social Responsibility and Communities
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Aesthetics and Image

Each item from the above list should be a pillar of company culture for your workplace. Think about how you want your employees, departments, and branches to interact with one another in order to create an inspiring and exciting place to work. 

In addition, think about how you would like future potential employees, customers, and society at large to view your company. 

Set a meeting with your recruitment team to assess the five values that most apply to your company and what you are looking for in new hires, which will allow for a more succinct and focused discussion of candidates once the assessment results are in. 

Customize your assessment experience by cultivating questions from your HR team and those well-versed in your company's values which will help get to the core of your hiring mission. You can ask these directed questions and request the answers in a myriad of ways.

Because there is not a predetermined set of questions for your own value assessment, you can be assured that your company brand is going to be represented and totally set apart from other recruiters. Your assessment site will be uniquely yours to customize and design to your own aesthetic choosing.

Candidates can answer the questions via multiple-choice, short answers, essay form, and even video, which is also a great tool to see how comfortable your candidates are learning new software and materials.

These values will work together in hundreds of different combinations to help us curate and calibrate an assessment that will help to ask the right questions of your potential new hires.

After selecting your company's top five values, you will be able to further customize the recruitment experience by asking specific, value, and company culture-related questions. 

How To Assess and Use the Values Map Test for Hiring?

Consider how the company will thrive with the right team of people. Not everyone thinks or processes information in quite the same way. When encountering the Values Map test, consider how potential employees will answer the questions and explore the company culture.

The Values Map test for hiring underlies all other areas of the company and helps to underscore the other capabilities of potential employees, such as job-specific and soft skills.

Contemplate how you can set apart your company and, therefore, the opportunities you present to potential employees through this values assessment. At the same time that you are taking a critical look at candidates, they are also getting to see what is vital to the company at large. 

The Value Map test and the whole Maki assessment system allow them to put their best foot forward and allow you and your company to put forth yours.

Receiving Your Results

When the potential new employees complete the assessment, you will receive their results in an easy-to-read report which will detail how each person lines up with company culture.

With each candidate's results, you will see how they line up with the specifics of your company's values and what their values are overall, meaning that you and your recruiting team will get a more holistic and comprehensive view of your candidates. 

The Values Map is meant to serve as a foundational, simple, and efficient guide to your pool of candidates. 

While employees might handle situations differently from one another or tackle issues in a multitude of ways, if they are all starting from the same set of values and aiming for the same goals, the company will overcome every difficult situation and continue on the path of growth and inspiration.

Recruiting With Values Map

Using the Values Map test will allow your recruiting team to set out the parameters of your ideal hire. This tool makes it easy to specify what is essential to your company's goals and view of the future.

How To Determine the Right Value Fit?

Think of this step as the exploratory phase. In every business venture, there is a sort of feasibility study or a determination of risk versus reward. The Value Map testing process is an excellent way to help govern choices when it comes to hiring the right people.

The Values Map will provide your recruiting team with the candidate's personal values and allow you to see how they align with the company's values. Using our innovative system of assessments, candidates will be able to show off their personal and professional values and their technical and position-specific skills.

Using the list of values from above, look at each candidate pragmatically. Discover what they will bring to the workplace that is not simply a set of technical skills but an understanding and basis for why they do what they do and why they are interested in working for your company.

Once the candidates complete their assessments, you can view them individually or see how they stack up against one another. You can also share the assessment results with candidates directly from the assessment platform.

After you review the assessments, use the results as a conversation starter among applicants and recruiters. In cases where the candidates' values did not align with that of the company, discuss ways in which the company could either improve their language on job descriptions or ways in which the company could adjust their values.

When speaking with candidates about their results, there are many topics and nuances to engage with as they pertain to their personal and professional values.  

Values Map Test: Considerations for Recruiters

Each company and each candidate are not created equal, which is a good thing! Review the following when making your hiring decisions after assessing the Values Map test.

Maki was designed to create better hiring outcomes for recruiters and candidates alike. Even if a candidate does not work out for a specific position or the company in general, both parties are getting a better look at their own values and how they wish to operate in their organization and career, respectively. 

Think About Specific Company Culture

We all want to work in a space that values the same things that we do. If we take into consideration that we are individuals and do not always align with others, we must apply that same knowledge to the companies we create. 

Looking at your specific company culture and set of values, it may be important to recognize that not every candidate will align directly, which is why the Values Map test was designed. We are trying to find you the very best employees who match your excitement and energy for the work that you are doing.

Maki was designed to suit not only recruiters but candidates too. So take into consideration how the company is portrayed and what kind of talent it is advertising for. 

In a similar way to a candidate editing their resume and cover letter to tailor their intent to a particular position, so should the company focus its attention on hiring the best candidates.

Think About How Individuals Will Interact With One Another

Like chemical reactions, it depends on the personalities and values of employees to determine the success of the workplace.

It is possible to pass up a candidate who may look great due to their technical ability but think about longevity and tenure for your employees. Using the Value Maps test will allow both you and your candidates to keep in mind that this position isn't just considered a job but a career.

Though someone may be excellent at completing their specific duties, if they or those around them do not get along or are otherwise unsatisfied, it may result in a higher turnover rate. Therefore, the work of the Value Maps test is to assess and hire the very best candidates for your company.

Additionally, it might be beneficial and even necessary to explore candidates whose values are not entirely congruent with those of the company, which is a nuanced and specialized approach that will be different for each company and each recruiter. 

Selecting or even just considering those whose values may not coincide with that of the company may allow for different voices and opinions to be heard and to engage in conversation with. Each recruiter will need to make this decision when moving forward with the Values Map test.

The Values Map test is the best way to know you are recruiting the best candidates for your organization. Determining the personal and professional values of your candidates can both help you get to know them better and help you learn about the type of candidates you attract.

Setting forth your company's specific values and what kind of company culture they'll encounter will help draw the right potential employees into your hiring pool. 

By using the easy-to-use and beautiful to navigate assessment system, you will be reviewing your candidate's results in no time and on your way to onboarding! We look forward to assisting you in hiring the best, most qualified, accountable, and capable employees.

The future of hiring. Simple. Efficient. Fair.