Numerical Reasoning test

The Numerical Reasoning Test evaluates people's quantitative skills, in particular their ability to make fast mental computations, identify numbers' sequence and problems, and reason comfortably in the sphere of math and quantitative skills. It is design to capture performance under speed, and will identify people's potential for developing complex quantitative skills

Cognitive ability
8 min.
Cognitive ability
8 min.
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Data Analyst
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Human Resources Manager
Numerical Reasoning
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Expert in Numerical Reasoning

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup Professor of Business Psychology at Columbia University & UCL

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is the Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup, a professor of business psychology at University College London and at Columbia University, and an associate at Harvard’s Entrepreneurial Finance Lab. He is the author of 'Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? (and How to Fix It)'.

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Laila Chakir
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Maki have a wide variety of tests, that fit our needs perfectly. Using the tool has been super easy, it is very intuitive and the assessment results are very helpful to quickly identify the best candidates. The Maki team is always ready to help us if we need anything!

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We chose Maki People to simplify and unify our assessment processes. The challenge is successful thanks to an immersive and intuitive candidate experience, and the variety of tests meets all our needs. Beyond the tool, which quickly convinced us, the other strength of Maki People is its team who are particularly available, responsive, and attentive.

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Numerical Reasoning Test: Assess and Hire the Best Candidates!

Looking to hire a new employee for an available position at your company but having trouble finding the best person for the job? When you're ready to find and hire the best candidates, Maki's Numerical reasoning test is available to help you find the best candidates in your pool.

It can be challenging to understand who your candidates are and who will work best in the role and on your team. Fortunately, Maki makes it easy to do both.

The numerical reasoning test can help your recruiting team determine the quantitative skills of your candidates. This test is particularly useful for roles like data and financial analysts, accountants, and human resource managers. 

This test asks candidates to view a data set, graph, or number sequence and then evaluates their understanding of the information. The test also works to understand how they work under time constraints and their potential for developing complex quantitative skills.

Using the numerical reasoning test in your recruitment process makes it a dynamic and engaging procedure for both the candidate and your recruitment team. You can feel prepared and at ease by asking pertinent and practical questions about the specific position.

Maki aims to help you find and hire the best candidates that are right for the job and the organization.

How To Use Numerical Reasoning Tests in the Hiring Process? 

Maki's innovative battery of tests allows the recruitment process to run smoothly and effectively. You can choose how and when your candidates take the numerical reasoning test within your interview and assessment process. 

When faced with the difficult decision of choosing between a small pool of qualified applicants, the numerical reasoning test helps to pare down your pool of potential candidates to reveal those that are competent and able to perform versus those that may need additional training. 

This process is tailored to your organization's needs, meaning that you can develop your own collection of assessments to offer your candidates the most out of their time and yours. In addition to assisting you in choosing the best-qualified candidates, Maki also wants to save you time, making the process more enjoyable.

The tests themselves can be curated to ask the pertinent questions on which your organization wants to focus. Then, once the tests are built, you can organize them into the order that makes the most sense for the position you are looking to fill. 

What might seem like a daunting task is made easy with Maki's innovative, intuitive, and responsive interface. We offer on-demand assistance with our virtual live assistants, who are ready to help you get the most out of Maki.

The numerical reasoning test measures candidates' ability to read and interpret graphs, data, and other empirical information. As an example, the test may show a chart or table with existing information in it. Then there will be a series of questions about the information and what can be inferred from it.

These types of questions are essential for those interviewing for roles in data or financial analysis, the sciences, and other research roles, in addition to accounting and human resources. Being able to look at information and either perform calculations or determine patterns are invaluable skills in many professional positions.

Even if your candidates do not have hands-on computational tasks in their day-to-day roles, it may be beneficial to gauge their existing competencies, leading to great conversations for workplace pieces of training or areas for potential improvement.

Getting To Know Your Candidates

Maki's innovative and ever-expanding battery of tests makes it easy and enjoyable for your recruitment team to get a good idea of who the pool of applicants is. Then, by asking nuanced and refreshing questions, your candidates will feel interested and excited by your organization.

The numerical reasoning test allows you to gauge your candidate pool's knowledge and will enable you to engage with them, as well. The numerical reasoning assessment and all of Maki's assessments allow the recruiter to get a well-rounded and holistic view of the person or people who want to work for the company.

It is imperative not only to hire those that are well-qualified but to learn about the candidates that will become part of the fabric of your company. Each employee will add their personality to the job they are performing, and Maki's assessments will help you understand how they will work with your current team.

This test affords you the opportunity to get a three-dimensional look at the qualifications and practical abilities of your pool. It may help you parse through a larger pool of applicants or hone in on your most-qualified, ideal candidates.

The numerical reasoning test helps capture how candidates perform under speed and identify people's potential for developing complex quantitative skills, allowing your recruitment team to set a benchmark for potential candidates to achieve.

Choosing to engage with the pool of candidates in this way allows them to get a good idea of the organization they are applying for. In addition, using Maki's tests or creating an assessment that is unique to the kind of work that you do, shows that you care about the people you hire.

How To Assess and Use a Numerical Reasoning Test for Hiring?

It may be beneficial to you and your team to determine what you are looking for in a potential candidate. By setting the expectations ahead of time, you can think about each candidate's scores and results from their assessments individually to choose the best person for the position. 

The numerical reasoning test is one of many that can be a part of your unique recruiting process, meaning that the process is highly customizable for the needs and perspectives of your company. Among hundreds of tests that focus on practical performance to personality and values, the numerical reasoning test is an excellent component. 

For those professionals outside of the fields of data and financial analysis, accounting, and others that may require a good understanding of numerical reasoning, this test might prove to be an effective way to assess general knowledge. For instance, for organizations specializing in accounting, an executive assistant may not need hands-on experience with quantitative analysis. However, it may be helpful to gauge their background knowledge.

Taking a close look at the numerical reasoning test results may open the door for a more fruitful conversation both internally and with your potential candidates about what is envisioned and expected of the open position. 

Receiving Your Results

After your candidates have taken their assigned assessments, their results will be loaded onto your interactive dashboard. On this dashboard, you'll be able to toggle between a single candidate's results and those of the whole group, which will allow you to see how they stack up against one another and measure them against your set criteria.

By holistically assessing the potential new hire's results, you can come to any new conversations with thoughtful information. By prioritizing your time and theirs to efficiently and effectively understand the type of candidate you want to hire, everyone will get the most out of the experience.

Suppose those in your candidate pool who seemed qualified on paper do not score adequately on the assessments. In that case, it allows you to confidently move in a different direction or open the door for conversation. 

This exploratory phase is one that will benefit both parties, which is a crucial step in the hiring process that helps everyone get a taste of what the future of your organization could look like.

Recruiting for Numerical Reasoning

The numerical reasoning test is a particularly important assessment for those in data and financial analysis fields or other fields that are similar. Therefore, when hiring for an open position in these fields, it is the top priority to determine that the candidates are equipped to accomplish the goals of the position.

The test will help to examine the capabilities and prior practical knowledge of the candidates to discover their strengths and areas that require improvement. 

The test is given within a specified time limit. This time limit can help the recruiting team assess how the applicants follow instructions and manage their time.  

Determining the Best Fit

During the exciting process of receiving applications and scheduling interviews, it will be vital to understand how well the candidate will perform the required tasks and how well they will fit within the organization.

Think of the interview as accomplishing two things simultaneously: you are getting to know your candidate, and they are getting to know you. By engaging them both in conversation and with Maki's innovative and engaging assessments, you are putting your best foot forward and inviting them to do the same.

Make sure that your candidates know what your values are as an employer and determine what their personal and professional values are to determine if the relationship will be productive and cordial. 

The more you and your team use Maki's tests and assessments system, you will get a more holistic understanding of the candidates and how they view your organization. 

The Maki system turns the focus from simple position fulfillment to personal fulfillment. We want you and your new employees to be equally satisfied with your decision to work together and satisfied with the work you do.

Numerical Reasoning Test: Considerations for Recruiters

The recruiting process will vary from company to company, from position to position. Maki is here to help with all the nuance that falls between. In addition, the assessments available provide an inclusive and dynamic channel for candidates to show off and express their skills and knowledge in a quantifiable way.

Maki allows you to welcome a diverse pool of qualified potential employees to get to know them on several different levels to fit the organization's needs. 

By interacting with your future employees in an efficient and effective manner, they will also get to know you.

Enjoy the Process

Maki makes it easy and, dare we say, fun to recruit employees. The assessments are highly customizable to fit the unique needs of your company, team, and position. There are several different categories of assessments, including cognitive ability, soft skills, languages, and personality, among others.

By offering these comprehensive assessments to your future employees, you get to know them in an exciting way that saves time and money. In addition, your recruitment team will have a blast choosing between a large selection of tests and even getting to build your own.

We want you to gather the information and assess what is paramount to you—no more cookie-cutter templates for examining your potential employees.

Offering the numerical reasoning test and any of our other tests sets your organization apart. It shows that you care about your employees' abilities and the unique individuality that only they can bring to the table.

Building Company Culture  

A company's culture is built and maintained by the team as a whole. Here at Maki, we want to provide you with the tools to ensure that your organization's culture and values are matched by your employees. By utilizing our unique and dynamic value mapping assessments, you can ensure that your employees' goals are aligned with yours.

The tests can also be used for existing employees, which is a great way to show your employees that you care about their longevity at your company by addressing potential growth opportunities for their skill set and professional development.

Great company culture is defined by how much the employees enjoy their work and enjoy being at work. By engaging with your existing employees and incorporating Maki's assessments into their professional evaluation process, you will show them that the organization is energized and ready to improve continually.

These tests can also help to understand any discrepancies or riffs within your organization and help to solve issues that may arise. The Maki system offers dynamic resources that bring people together and ensure exceptional and inspiring work.

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