SEA - Foundations test

This test will help you identify good SEA experts by assessing candidates on the following: Understanding and use of KPIs, theoretical and practical knowledge of Google networks (Search Network, Shopping, Display, etc.), as well as bidding strategies and knowledge of topics related to tracking and attribution.

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Job Specific
7 min.
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SEA - Foundations
Jeremie Leitao

Expert in SEA - Foundations

Jeremie Leitao
Managing Director de Making Science France

Jérémie started his career at Google in 2013, where he was in charge of business development with advertisers and media agencies. In 2016, he joined forces with Jérôme Cauchard to create Celsius Agency, an agency specializing in digital marketing. In 2021, Celsius joined the European group Making Science to accelerate the deployment of data solutions. He is now Managing Director of Making Science France. Jérémie graduated from the ESSEC Business School.

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Thanks to Maki, we have been able to assess candidates' skills better. We can now make more objective decisions and improve the efficiency of our recruitment process.

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Maki have a wide variety of tests, that fit our needs perfectly. Using the tool has been super easy, it is very intuitive and the assessment results are very helpful to quickly identify the best candidates. The Maki team is always ready to help us if we need anything!

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We chose Maki People to simplify and unify our assessment processes. The challenge is successful thanks to an immersive and intuitive candidate experience, and the variety of tests meets all our needs. Beyond the tool, which quickly convinced us, the other strength of Maki People is its team who are particularly available, responsive, and attentive.

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Google Ads Test: Assess and Hire the Best Candidates!

Filling an open position at your company can be both an exciting and stressful endeavor. When you are ready to hire a new candidate for your organization, how can you be sure they are the best fit for your organization? 

In the field of marketing and advertising, it is essential to gauge the knowledge of the candidate's Search Engine Advertising (SEA) foundations and other vital areas, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Maki People has designed a complete battery of tests to help you understand your potential new hires to ensure you are getting the most out of your recruitment process. The Google Ads test will help you hone in on candidates who are especially familiar and skilled when it comes to optimization marketing.

The Google Ads test is an invaluable part of the recruitment process. By gaining a better understanding of who your candidates are, you will be sure that you hire the very best who will also enjoy working for your company. 

Assessing candidates for job-specific skills will help you find potential employees that are passionate and excited. Going beyond the standard resume and cover letter will also show your pool of candidates that you are eager to get to know and hire truly excellent people.

Our goal is to not only make this an easy process but one that is efficient and free of bias. Our innovative website gives recruiters information in a uniform way to provide clear results to help make worthwhile and long-lasting hiring decisions. 

Maki People is equally excited to help you build a creative, dynamic, and talented team. Let's build the future of work together!

How To Use SEA Test in the Hiring Process?

Thanks to Maki People's comprehensive and dynamic website interface, using the SEA tests in the hiring process couldn't be easier. Determine when in the recruiting process you want the tests to be offered to your candidates.

It is necessary to meet with the recruiting team and those who will manage the new employees to determine exactly what your company seeks in the candidates. The SEA tests offer job-specific questions, and the other assessments offer topics and questions that round out the candidate's profile. 

More than helping your organization hire well-qualified employees, Maki People's mission is to help your organization hire the best fit for the position, which includes specific competencies and how the candidate's values and outlook match up with those of your company. By helping you assess all potential new hires, we aim to help you hire with a goal of longevity.

Maki People wants to help your recruiting team determine the foundations of specialized skills like SEO and SEA. Because these fields are rapidly changing and evolving to meet the needs of the world's internet market, building on existing skills is incredibly important for this job market.

Maki People's assessments center around the following main qualities of workplace dynamics: personality, cognitive ability, soft skills, languages, and job-specific knowledge. Under each category, we have created comprehensive tests to help you work efficiently to hire great candidates.

In addition to providing this exceptional service to your recruiting team, we want to make this a communicative and beneficial experience for your candidates as well. By getting to know your company's needs, we hope to also provide your candidates with more knowledge about themselves and their abilities.

Customizing Your Tests

As stated previously, your recruiters get to choose where the Maki People assessments fall in your recruitment process, but you also get full control of the tests themselves.

Depending on your needs, the assessments can be offered with or without a time limit. Your recruitment team can also decide exactly what tests are offered to your candidates according to the position they apply for, which means that each recruiter or manager can assess the candidates that will be working with them. This approach is a unique and hands-on method of hiring.

Maki People aims to help you get a holistic and well-rounded view of your potential employees. By customizing your assessments to fit your needs and expectations of the candidates, you will ensure a thorough examination of your candidate's abilities and values.

The SEA test will allow your recruitment process to target the exact qualifications that you seek. Additionally, the SEA test will help to reveal areas where additional training is needed.

In addition to customizing the assessments, Maki People provides the tools to fully customize your company's branded display and the candidate's total experience. The assessment website can be tailored to your branding needs so that your potential new hires can get a feel for what your business looks like and how it presents itself.  

How To Assess and Use the SEA Test for Hiring?

Your candidates will take the tests you assign them using Maki People's easy-to-navigate website and interface. Their assessment results will then appear on a dynamic and intuitive dashboard that allows you to view each candidate's results individually or the pool of candidates as a whole. 

Th SEA test measures your candidate's competencies in the areas of Search Engine Advertising, Key Performance Indicators, Search Engine Optimization, and theoretical and practical knowledge of Google networks like search networks, shopping, display, and more. The test also assesses how knowledgeable the candidates are with tracking and attribution.

After your candidates apply to your open positions, the recruiter will invite them to take the assigned tests. These are chosen and customized to fit the needs of the position and the company. Once the candidate completes the assessments, the recruiter will receive their results on their personalized Maki People site dashboard. 

Once the results are provided, the recruiter is free to share these results with the hiring team and the candidate, which will open the door for advantageous and rewarding conversations about the candidate and company alike.

Going beyond the standard resume and interview sequence, the SEA test, and the collection of other assessments offered by Maki People will allow your recruiting team to hire candidates that are not only qualified but also match up with the goals, values, and personalities of your organization. 

Take a thorough look at your pool of candidates and consider what they might bring to the company beyond their skills and knowledge. It might be vital for your team to think about longevity and how the potential new hires will support the company's overall mission.

Maki People aims to provide this kind of excellent insight into all of your hiring practices. 

Putting Your Company's Best Foot Forward

Not only are your recruiters getting a look at the pool of candidates on a deeper level, but the candidates are also likewise getting a look at what is important to the company. Providing a list of objectives and expectations for the pool of candidates will allow them to learn about what is vital to the company, thereby allowing them to visualize themselves at your company.

Therefore, share your vision for the company and the open position you seek to fill with your potential candidates. As a result, they will enjoy your openness and transparency. 

Recruiting for SEA Expert

When you are looking to fill your open digital advertising specialist position or similar, it is crucial to understand the experience and knowledge that your pool of candidates already has. Furthermore, this knowledge should be practical as it will be a large part of the job. 

However, it may also be wise to offer the SEA test to candidates whose primary duties will not include daily work with digital advertising. Depending on your organization's needs, it might be important to gauge general or background knowledge for candidates of all levels and positions. Working familiarity with the topic is an important skill.

Consider how the SEA test may allow the recruiters to determine a current set of knowledge and what training is required to provide even more experience and learning to your candidate pool.

SEA is a relatively new field. It began in the late 1990s with the introduction of the internet to the public and has seen soaring, exponential growth over the last couple of decades. Because this is a new and highly specialized field, Maki People wants to make sure that your candidates are not only qualified but excited about the work.

How To Determine the Best Fit?

Best fit can mean several things. At Maki People, we think that the candidate who is the best fit for your company is well-qualified and possesses the needed skills and knowledge, and the candidate who matches the values and goals of the organization.

The best candidate looks to build up the company culture by supporting the company's mission while also meshing well with the other personalities of their team. Maki People provides an innovative set of assessments to help establish which candidates stand out concerning your goals and company's longevity.

Consider sharing the results of these assessments with the candidates during an interview. The results will serve as an excellent conversation starter and help the recruiters get to know the candidates on a deeper level. Open the door for questions and discussions about what your company seeks in ideal candidates. 

These conversations will also help bring the perspective of how the public and potential employees view the company. Discuss with the candidates what draws them to the position and company, as well as any reservations they may have. Establishing trust and transparency at an early stage in the recruitment process is an excellent way to begin a business relationship with all candidates.

SEA Test: Considerations for Recruiters

Each recruiter and each recruiting process will look different. Each company's hiring needs are as diverse and unique as the companies themselves. Maki People aims to take the guesswork out of the recruiting process.

We want to provide an excellent vehicle to attract, assess, inspire, and hire a fantastic group of candidates. Through our innovative and dynamic assessments, we aim to put the control in the hands of recruiters who know the organization's mission and goals better than anyone.

Maki People provides an incredibly unique and relevant service that allows recruiters to focus on getting to know their potential employees efficiently. Our goal is to help you hire the very best employees for your organization.

Use Maki People's assessments to learn and create an ideal workplace for employees, new and old!

Specificity Is Key

Recruiters should keep the traits, knowledge, and skill sets of their ideal candidates in mind. Once the optimal hiring guidelines are set, the recruiter can tailor the assessments and tests to those needs and the company as a whole. By considering the requirements of the position and the personalities and values of potential candidates, the hiring team will find the very best candidate overall.

Looking at the requirements of the position description will achieve a baseline of what the position requires but won't produce candidates that will hold a real stake in the organization's success or their tenure at the company. Maki People wants to help you find candidates who share your values and goals, thereby creating an exciting and fruitful company culture.

Additionally, you might consider providing job-specific tests, including the SEA test, to existing employees to get an idea of what additional training might be beneficial to provide. This practice may help keep all employees current with pieces of training and industry standards in the long term.  

Building a Culture

Your employees work together to build a culture based on their personalities, interests, goals, and values both inside and out of work. Use Maki People's personality and values assessments to understand how your candidates might fit within the existing culture and what they will specifically bring to the table.

The Maki People assessments might also be a great tool to understand how your current employees fit within the company's core values. Consider providing a values assessment with job-specific tests to keep employees up to date with training and expectations and show them how the company cares for their longevity and tenure within the organization.

The future of hiring. Simple. Efficient. Fair.