Spatial Reasoning test

The Spatial Intelligence Test evaluates people's spatial awareness, including their ability to visualize different shapes, forms, and identify target objects within a specific framework or rule set. Spatial intelligence predicts orientation, map reading skills, and environmental awareness.

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Cognitive ability
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Spatial Reasoning
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Expert in Spatial Reasoning

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup Professor of Business Psychology at Columbia University & UCL

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is the Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup, a professor of business psychology at University College London and at Columbia University, and an associate at Harvard’s Entrepreneurial Finance Lab. He is the author of 'Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? (and How to Fix It)'.

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Laila Chakir
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Maki have a wide variety of tests, that fit our needs perfectly. Using the tool has been super easy, it is very intuitive and the assessment results are very helpful to quickly identify the best candidates. The Maki team is always ready to help us if we need anything!

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We chose Maki People to simplify and unify our assessment processes. The challenge is successful thanks to an immersive and intuitive candidate experience, and the variety of tests meets all our needs. Beyond the tool, which quickly convinced us, the other strength of Maki People is its team who are particularly available, responsive, and attentive.

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Spatial Reasoning Test: Assess and Hire the Best Candidates!

You are ready to assess the pool of applicants for your open position. How do you properly examine their capabilities for the specific role on your team and in your company?  

Luckily, Maki has an invaluable series of tests to help you make the best decision and choose the most qualified candidate. We are eager to be a part of bringing excellent talent to your team.

The spatial reasoning test is a dynamic and engaging assessment that will help to determine your candidates’ ability to read maps and their environmental and spatial awareness. Whether in the fields of biochemistry and genetics to architecture and design, a spatial awareness test is a valuable key to unlocking the potential of your candidates.

The benefit of the spatial reasoning test is that it can be tailored to your hiring needs and focused on the specific position for which you are hiring. Think of this battery of tests as a first step in getting to know your candidates on a deeper level than a resume and cover letter.

We look forward to assisting you in hiring the best, most qualified, accountable, and capable employees. Let's build the future of work together!

How To Use Spatial Reasoning Tests in the Hiring Process?

Use our innovative assessment system to evaluate all potential employees. You can tailor the spatial reasoning test to fit the needs of your company and the specific position you are looking to fill. 

In the attempt to go beyond an interview and hire the best candidates, the Spatial reasoning test helps you and your recruitment team take an extra step in the right direction. Maki has proven that using these assessments will raise the bar of your potential candidates, making the pool more competitive and affording you reassurance that you are hiring the best.

The spatial reasoning test becomes an integral part of the screening process in many areas of the workforce, especially in the fields of architecture, graphic design, photography, physics, engineering, and cartography, among many others. 

The spatial reasoning test evaluates your candidate's understanding of and ability to recognize and quickly analyze different shapes and identify target objects within a specific framework or rule set. 

Depending on your company’s recruiting and hiring process, you determine when you offer the spatial reasoning test. This test is a practical way to understand your pool’s competence in this area as it relates to the duties of the position. 

Screening for Your Specific Needs

The spatial reasoning test gauges the candidate’s ability to manipulate and visualize two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects within a space. 

For example, a question on the test might feature a set of four shapes. According to the instructions provided, the candidate will mentally move the shapes in a certain direction and select the answer that reflects that movement.

In addition to the spatial reasoning test, Maki makes it easy to customize several other tests to your needs. It will be beneficial to take a closer look at your candidate’s abilities to perform the job they are applying for. This test will also give your recruitment team a good idea of what training a new candidate will need after hiring.

The spatial reasoning test is ideal for people working in cartography, architecture, urban planning, design, engineering, and professions for which visualization is integral to the responsibilities. For those outside of these fields, the spatial reasoning test may prove to be helpful as it gauges the understanding of visualization and movement in general.

When using the innovative set of tests from Maki, it is pivotal to plan ahead with your recruitment team to determine what variety of tests will be most valuable when evaluating candidates. By crafting a thorough description of the position, your team will save time reviewing initial applications. 

Once you have selected your pool of candidates, you can set up a collection of tests to evaluate your candidates according to the position description. Remember that each candidate’s engagement with these assessments might vary depending on their experiences.

The spatial reasoning test is also an excellent way to analyze where your new employees are in terms of this skill and may help in laying out future training initiatives. 

How To Assess and Use the Spatial Reasoning Test for Hiring?

In addition to evaluating your candidate’s spatial reasoning, the test will also assess how they perform within a set of rules. The test measures how they follow instructions and allows you to set a time limit for the completion of the test. The time limit will allow the recruiting team to assess how the candidates manage their time to complete the test.

After receiving the results of the spatial reasoning test, the recruitment team will determine what their ideal candidate should score and any exceptions within that range. It will be an invaluable step to truly understanding the needs of the company and how the results of this test will impact those goals.

By using Maki’s assessment system, you allow the candidate to evaluate your company’s needs at the same time you are evaluating your candidate’s abilities. The power is in your hands to grow your team and select the best candidates. 

The test offers candidates a series of questions to answer with short answers, multiple-choice, essay format, or asynchronous video. With this multitude of options for assessments, Maki ensures you feel confident with all of your hiring decisions.

Customize Your Tests

Maki offers several tests to help you determine who the best candidates are to hire. Technical skill tests, soft skill tests, and value and personality assessments are all available to aid in your search.

The tests themselves can be built and customized to your company’s individual needs. Additionally, Maki gives your company the power to lay out the order of tests. So, the spatial reasoning test can come first, second or even tenth!

Depending on your needs, you can offer a test with or without a time limit.

Feel at ease with your ability to have control over your recruiting process. We want each of your recruitment cycles to move flawlessly and on your own timeline. Your recruitment team can determine how best to cultivate the tests you want to use and those that will be most effective for choosing from your pool of candidates.

The Maki system as a whole is curated to your company’s branding needs. When your candidates log on to the Maki interface, they will be fully immersed in your custom content and images when they begin their assessments. Each company’s interface with Maki will appear unique, and display exactly what you want it to.

It may be wise to utilize the Spatial reasoning test even for employees that will not be engaged with that line of work. For instance, it might be helpful to offer the assessment as a way to gauge background knowledge for administrative and executive assistants. 

Recruiting for Spatial Reasoning 

Any number of positions in many different fields may require an understanding of spatial reasoning. Maki’s spatial reasoning test allows recruiters to go beyond the standard resume and cover letter. The assessment will help your recruiters to take a deeper look at the candidate’s abilities and how they might perform on the job. In cooperation with Maki’s other tests, assessments, and tools, you will get a more holistic view of your candidates and how they will operate with the team and the company at large.

Depending on the position you're hiring for, the spatial reasoning test may be integral to your recruiting and interviewing process. For other positions, this test may be helpful, but not paramount. In either case, the spatial reasoning test can be tailored to more specific or more general needs.

Consider how this test, and the many others offered, will not only strengthen your pool of candidates but raise the bar for hiring at your company across the board. The tests allow your candidates to get to know your values and needs at the same time that you are evaluating theirs. 

Offering the spatial reasoning test sets your company apart because it communicates your care in finding not only the best-qualified candidate, but also the right candidate to fit your company’s values and established culture. 

This is a great opportunity to either parse down a large pool of qualified candidates or a way to get to know your smaller pool of candidates much better!

How Do You Determine the Best Fit?

After your candidates complete their spatial reasoning test and any other assessments that you set forth, you will receive their results on your interactive dashboard in an easy-to-read report. You will also have the option to share their results with them.

Sharing these results with your candidates opens the door for fruitful conversation about what your company seeks in its employees.

You will see how each candidate stacks up to one another and how they measure up to your company’s values and standards. The spatial reasoning test is an exploratory assessment that determines the ability and also creativity of your candidates. 

Think of this step as opening the door to conversation and getting to know your candidates better. The Maki system of assessments is a unique way to understand not only the needs of the company, but also the needs of your future employees.  

Conversations with potential candidates may also allow you and your recruitment team to understand how the company is viewed from an outside perspective. The Maki system allows the company to transcend just being a job to become a place of great culture and a space that employees want to be.

Spatial Reasoning Test: Considerations for Recruiters 

Each company and each recruitment process is different. Don't worry- this is a good thing! 

Maki wants to help each company with their unique needs and abilities to attract, assess, recruit, and hire the very best candidates. Through the innovative and intuitive interface of the Maki website, we are offering the opportunity to have a tailor-made experience for your candidates and your company.

Your hiring process is unique to you, and we want to keep it that way. Use our unique system of tests to pull the impressive talent you want on your team.

Requirements for the Position

Recruiters can identify key areas of assessment for each discrete position. This allows for more specialization in the recruitment and hiring process. Maki has created several main areas of assessment with many sub-categories to zero in on the skill sets, values, and interests of the company. 

Consider each candidate’s abilities and qualifications pragmatically. Each candidate will bring their perspective and dynamic to your company, and Maki’s unique set of assessments will help you parse through the pool.

We want to help you determine the abilities of your candidates. Going beyond the general resume and cover letter by offering unique assessments and tools, Maki is here to help your team and your company do its best work.

Keep in mind that some criteria outlined in your position description may be malleable. Depending on the holistic view of the candidate brought forth by Maki’s assessment system, there may be a potential employee that does not initially tick all the boxes on the list.

Creating a Culture

We are excited to help you build an excellent team. By using our spatial reasoning test and the incredible collection of other tests, your company will excel at choosing the best candidates and ultimately develop the best company culture. 

Assessing different skill sets allows your employees to take pride in their unique sets of skills as well. Watch as your employees discuss what they excel at! 

Our assessments aim to parse out not only the knowledge and practical abilities of your candidates, but also their personalities and values. Both of these are incredible indicators of building a workplace culture that is dynamic, supportive, and innovative. 

By using the easy-to-use and beautiful to navigate assessment system, you will be reviewing your candidate's results in no time and on your way to onboarding! We look forward to assisting you in hiring the best, most qualified, accountable, and capable employees.

The future of hiring. Simple. Efficient. Fair.