PHP - Junior test

This test can be used to assess PHP proficiency for a junior position. In particular, this test will cover the expertise of common syntax elements (object programming, arrays), modern functions (PHP 8. *) and the interface between PHP applications and other system components (format, performance, operating system). These questions combine traditional problems with modern methods, highlighting the candidate's know-now, both theoretical and practical.

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10 min.
Job Specific
10 min.
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Backend developer
PHP - Junior
Damien Seguy

Expert in PHP - Junior

Damien Seguy
CTO at Exakat

Damien Seguy is CTO at Exakat Ltd., a company specialized in PHP code quality solutions for the industry. He leads the development of the exakat PHP static analysis engine, that automatically audit code for version compatibility, security and dead code. Since last millenium, Damien has contributed to PHP, as documentation author, elephpant breeder, conference UFO on all continents. He also enjoys machine learning, gremlin, 狮子头 and camembert.

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Junior PHP Developer Test: Assess and Hire the Best Candidates!

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a standard software program for development languages. Nearly 80 percent of the world wide web that we know and love runs on PHP. Websites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Facebook, and more, utilize PHP software.

Recruiters can use a PHP test during the hiring process to help them determine whether a candidate possesses the skills to fulfill the job duties. They can also assess their proficiency with the software and functions of PHP. 

For example, can they locate and fix the inconsistencies in PHP programs, solve coding dilemmas, and other obstacles with the programming language? You can find out this and more with a PHP test.

How To Use PHP Tests in the Hiring Process?

It's essential in your position as a recruiter to hire the best person possible. When you get an influx of applications that all reflect similar skills and proficiency levels, it's hard to decipher who's the best. At this point, you need a testing mechanism to understand who has practical knowledge and soft skills for the role.

Test Structure

So, what makes a good PHP test? The test is online, and it should be able to assess knowledge of programming language, built-in functions that developers frequently use, how to fix bugs in the programs, and other typical duties of a junior PHP developer. 

The test you select may be fully customized and particular to your work environment and the role you need filled, or it may already have a set structure such as multiple-choice, choose the best answer, and so on. 

A junior PHP developer test gives you the most accurate, straightforward, and objective method of evaluating a candidate's qualifications. Can an applicant create effective websites? If you forget to ask specific questions, the test is comprehensive and will address the most significant aspects of PHP.

Selecting the Best Candidates

If a candidate does well on the test, they may get transferred to a shorter list to get to the next level of the hiring process. Anyone who doesn't meet the test requirements will get eliminated at that stage. 

In this way, you can rest assured that the people that have made it to the later stages of the process have the necessary PHP that your company desires. 

Additionally, the junior PHP developer test for hiring will assess the individual's problem-solving, time management, and logical reasoning skills to create and maintain stellar websites. 

How To Assess and Use Junior PHP Developer Test for Hiring?

After the applicant takes the test, it's time to assess their performance in relation to the role. You can filter out suitable junior PHP developers from exceptional ones at this stage. This strategy will help you get the best fit beyond skills. 

Match Job Description To Test Results

If you use a junior PHP developer test specific to your job description, it's even better than using a general test. You can insert questions relevant to company policies and the job you're hiring for. Additionally, as you analyze the test results, ensure the student did well in the areas pertinent to the position. 

Perhaps they didn't test well in a particular area, but it's inconsequential to the job. If they did well in another area specific to the junior PHP developer job, that might mean more to you. 

Communication Skills

It would be best if you prioritized excellent communication as a recruiter. The candidate might not need to have the same skills as a marketing agent, but it's necessary when you consider the developer speaking with members of management. 

If they're trying to explain concepts, budget requirements, and more to those that aren't developers, it could require others to step in, which could be an inconvenience if done continually. 

The person applying for the job should also be able to communicate through various means such as phone, email, web, video, and audio methods. 

Attitude Assessment

If you come across an individual that is exceedingly good at PHP programming language and development, but they don't have any soft skills like interpersonal communication, versatility, etc., it's a red flag. 

You want someone who aligns with the company culture and will mesh well with others. They should be eager to learn and adapt to chaotic and changing situations. Otherwise, in this field, they may have difficulty adjusting. 

Evaluate for Existing Knowledge Base and Learning Skills 

Revisiting rapidly changing situations, such as the case for the technology. You should view the person you're hiring as an asset and a valuable resource to your company. 

They should be able to deliver projects promptly by using the latest techniques and always being aware of trends. It's a skill to be able to quickly pick up new skills as they progress in the role. 

Another aspect to keep your attention on is testing the applicant's knowledge of technical skills in real time. A simulation-based coding test is amongst the most effective ways to assess an individual's skills with thinking on their feet, reporting issues they cannot handle, and more. 

While it is a bit more time-consuming, a custom test is the best way to go so that you don't have to do more sorting after the fact. To narrow it down and get great hires as opposed to someone who you'll have to train continually or whose skills don't translate, invest time in the beginning. 

Keep these questions in mind when you create your Junior PHP developer test for hiring:

  • What will the developer's daily functions be on a fundamental level?
  • Which PHP languages will be necessary for the role?
  • What kind of expertise do they need for this position?
  • Which skills are non-negotiable?
  • Is there any possibility this candidate will be exposed to emergency situations?
  • Do they communicate well enough to handle problems on their own outside of management?

Recruiting for PHP

Below are some basic steps you should consider when recruiting a Junior PHP developer:

Create a Reasonable Job Offer

In the world of information technology, PHP developers can demand higher salaries. As you can imagine, it is essential to PHP developers and should be included in the ad if you genuinely want them to entertain employment talks. 

It's been reported that IT professionals generally won't read job postings if a salary range isn't included.

Please include in your job offer the fact that they can thrive in a great environment while earning a good salary and other company benefits. 

Perhaps your company provides funding for child care support, foreign language learning, or even paid vacations; these are the things you should mention to attract the talent you're searching for. This section and its effectiveness will boil down to your budget and creativity.

Here are some of the most coveted benefits for IT professionals:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Extra vacation days
  • The ability to work remotely
  • Professional training
  • A medical package

Look for candidates in the right places.

Once you iron out all of your terms and conditions and create a professional ad—it's to broadcast the message to as many PHP developers as possible.

This is when you want to be resourceful, use all the outlets that the internet offers, and place your ad on popular job boards. However, you can select a more general job board such as, it's better for you to post your listing on specialized job boards to attract experienced PHP Developers as quickly as possible. 

You can try sites such as Bulldogjob, No Fluff Jobs, and IT, just to name a few. Another great idea is to post your job listing on appropriately themed Facebook groups.

Third-party Assistance

It should be duly noted that the IT industry is governed by its own laws. As potential industry candidates continue to have greater expectations regarding potential employers, it takes more than a well-made ad and reasonable offer to land a promising recruit.

For example, many experienced PHP Developers aren't looking for a new place of employment; they're likely happy with their current place of employment. As a result, PHP developers are not typically looking into areas where they could come across your offer.

For all of the reasons outlined above, it is integral to reach out to professional recruitment agencies skilled in handling matters such as these.

Junior PHP Developer Test: Considerations for Recruiters

Here is a template that you can use to recruit PHP developers. You can use this immediately to make your hiring process concise, clear, and deliberate.

Outline the Job Functions

Recruiting a PHP developer will fall into one of two categories:

Software Development

If the job requires managing or improving your content management systems, such as Drupal or WordPress, then write this out clearly in the job description.

From there, your intended audience will know if the position matches your platform's styling or plugin requirements. For instance, platform agnostic PHP who are web developers, compared to WordPress developers, have varying proficiency levels.

That said, it is essential to disclose the proficiency level required in your PHP development. For example, WordPress developers are required by core platform customizations and complex sites to write PHP code. 

Conversely, standard WordPress theming and styling can be operated without much scripting.

Web Development

If you're hiring a PHP developer to improve an eCommerce portal or build a web platform, then mentioning the platform  from those listed above will go a long way when finding developers adept at using your framework of choice.

Additionally, stating release-level requirements such as PHP 7.3+ will also benefit you when trying to funnel worthy candidates with adequate skill  to work with the most up-to-date release set.

No matter which of the categories you need and regardless of the amount of experience in the language, these four traits below are integral:

Robust testing standards: Can they validate business requirements by writing comprehensive unit and integration tests against their code?

Tech skills: Do they have the capabilities to work on program database queries on MySQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript code, or build RESTful web services?

Complete ownership of code: Do they have the ability to write secure backend code that's scalable and functions consistently to create coding standards for the platform?

Collaboration and Versioning: When it comes to a distributed code repository such as git do they have the requisite experience, and can they work with several team members?

Where To Find Quality PHP Developers

Choose the best place for you to hire your PHP developer from:

Freelancer Marketplaces

You could enlist the help of many freelancer marketplaces which happen to be tech-first to help you find candidates. You'll find that most marketplaces will vet potential candidates for their abilities and skills. 

Other examples of general sites such as Fiverr or Upwork, have available PHP developers, but you must interview, screen, and investigate PHP competency independently. This process may be difficult for some hiring managers who may not know precisely what they're searching for.

Niche Communities

Framework communities such as Drupal, WPHired, DrupalJobs, or WordPress are a great place to start if you're looking for PHP developers from the freelance front-end community. 

Benefits and Salary

If you're hiring remotely globally, we recommend that you localize your ad. It will be quintessential to emphasize the value of your workplace convenience and your company's atmosphere after the world has dealt with the paradigm-shifting effects of a pandemic. 

Consequently, your potential hire will be able to get a comprehensive view of your benefits package.

Utilize PayScale, LinkedIn, AngelList, and Glassdoor ad points of reference. PHP developers typically make $65,757 per year.

Final Thoughts

When using a junior PHP developer test for hiring, ensure that you cover all your bases by getting a comprehensive tool tailored to your job position. By assessing the candidates hard skills, soft skills, technical knowledge, and more, you'll get the perfect fit for your company. In the field of PHP, a versatile and quality hire is invaluable. 

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