React Native - Junior test

This test can be used to assess React Native skills for a junior position [0-2 years of experience]. In particular, this test will cover skills through questions that focus on React Native essentials including : spotting incorrect syntax, filling in the blank code, identifying the correct assertions about the use of React Native.

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10 min.
Job Specific
10 min.
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Mobile Developer
React Native - Junior
Thibaut Monesma

Expert in React Native - Junior

Thibaut Monesma
Full stack web developer

Thibaut is a full stack web developer and an entrepreneur. His expertise in Javascript led him to teach in a code school during 4 years. He then decided to create his own school named Modulo Academy. The idea behind Modulo is to help junior developers to find a great job by training them on specific topics and recommend them to parter companies.

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React Native Junior Test: Assess and Hire the Best Candidates!

When filtering through resume after resume for candidates, you can only go by their words if they have the proper skills for the position. 

While this isn’t necessarily a problem, there's always the chance that someone is fibbing or stretching the truth about how much experience they have or how skilled at something they are. 

As the hiring manager, recruiter, or HR consultant, it's on you to find the best possible candidate with the necessary skills to benefit the company. Utilizing the React Native junior test for hiring a position that requires zero to two years of experience can give you a better idea of who is a viable candidate.

If you're interested in using the React Native junior test to assess the best candidates for your mobile developer or similar position, learning everything there is to know about it can help you decide whether incorporating this test into your hiring process is worthwhile for you.

How To Use React Native Test in the Hiring Process?

React Native tests are relatively easy to implement into your hiring process. Candidates who know they have the skills and are interested in the position won't have any problem completing the assessment during the hiring process. 

There are two ways you can approach implementing the React Native junior test into your hiring process. You can have every candidate who applies for the role take the test or only require those you select to take the assessment. Both options have benefits that are worth noting.

Utilize the Test as Part of the Application

Like many positions on job boards, assessments are required. They're usually quick, five- or ten-minute assessments for employers to better understand your skills. 

If you want to screen the skills of your applicants earlier, you can add the test to part of the application. You can allow a prompt for applicants to complete the assessment right after they submit their resume and application. 

Having individuals complete the test as part of the application allows you to see who's dedicated enough to fully complete the application process and see if their score matches their resume's skills. 

Adding the assessment to your job application is simple. When creating your job posting, you'll copy and paste the assessment link into the description and have the results automatically sent to your email address. 

Require the Test by Request

If you don't want to make every applicant take the React Native junior test, then administer it only to those you're genuinely interested in taking it. This is the less popular option, but as the hiring manager, recruiter, or HR consultant, you can choose the best path for hiring a developer.

Candidates like to know that you're interested in them, just like they're interested in your company or job position. When they believe you're interested in them, they'll be more engaged and feel they're not wasting their time with pointless interviews. 

Offering the React Native junior hiring test to specific individuals allows them to know you're interested in them and can help you determine which candidates to invite to an interview pending their test scores. 

Based on their test scores, you can ask more specific questions for each candidate to narrow down better if they're worth bringing on board.

How To Assess and Use a React Native Test for Hiring?

So, how do you use and assess the React Native skill test for hiring? This simple test takes only ten minutes for mobile developer candidates to complete. 

The React Native junior assessment tests for junior-level skills that those with zero to two years of mobile development experience should be able to demonstrate at a medium to a high level.

What the React Native Skill Tests For?

When your potential candidates take the React Native skills test, they'll be tested on various essential skills associated with React Native. As they go through the multiple-choice questions, they'll answer questions regarding syntax, codes, and assertions. 

Candidates with knowledge of React Native shouldn't have issues being able to identify correct or incorrect syntax, fill in black code based on specific instructions, and answer general questions about how React Native works.

It's important to remember that this specific React Native test is geared towards beginners and junior-level developers. The skills tested are for those with up to two years of experience with the JavaScript framework, so they will continue learning more about it as they work with it. 

Assess Candidate Abilities

The React Native junior test asks questions that junior-level developers should be able to understand and answer correctly. While not all candidates will score a 100%, you can still see where they fall in their scores to determine whether you're interested in interviewing or hiring them. 

You can see all your candidates' scores side by side to see where each candidate falls in comparison to other applicants. This can help you narrow down who to invite for another or first interview and who to either pass on or reconsider at a later date. 

When looking at the scores of the React Native junior test, you'll be able to see where each candidate's strengths are with React. 

If someone excels with general knowledge about React and coding but needs some assistance with correct syntax, you can decide whether you're willing to train them further or go with a more well-rounded candidate.

Recruiting for React Native

Having an open mobile developer position brings some challenges. Finding qualified or interested parties can be challenging. As a recruiter or someone in charge of filling the job, you'll most likely need to do some recruiting rather than waiting for applicants to come to you.

When you post a job onto a job board like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or somewhere else, you'll likely get minimal responses, or the applications you do get aren't the qualified candidates you're looking for. 

You can do a few things to recruit suitable candidates, have more productive interviews, and find the best person for the job. 

Showcase the Benefits of Working With Your Company

Most new or somewhat new developers are looking for a great company to grow their careers with. But what makes your company stand out amongst the competition? 

Whatever it is, you'll want to showcase that so candidates get a clear picture of what it would look like to work for your company.

Offer Further Training

When recruiting a candidate to work with React Native at the junior level, you can't expect them to know everything there is to know about the software. 

While using the React Native junior test can give you a good idea of where their skills are at, offering candidates further training is very appealing. 

Not all companies are willing to continue to train their employees, so if you are, this can help you stand out to young developers looking to hone their skills in the industry. 

You can use the React Native junior test to assess your candidates and then engage them by offering specific training where their skills aren't as strong.

React Native is regularly changing. New versions are coming out often. While the versions have many similarities, offering additional training to developers when things change can help entice candidates to work for your company.

Recruit Through LinkedIn

After you've posted your job posting on whatever job boards you prefer, it's a waiting game. A tremendous recruiting tactic is logging into LinkedIn and browsing for junior-level developers. 

You can see where they're currently working, their skills, and whether they're in the market for a new position or not.

There are several mobile developer groups on the platform as well that are worth joining. Joining mobile developer groups on the platform gives you access to viable candidates that might be interested in leaving one position for yours.

Keep an Open Mind

The React Native junior test is just an assessment, and while it can be very telling about a candidate's capabilities, it's not the end-all be-all. 

Since the test is for beginner to junior-level developers, you need to remember that as they work, they'll gain more experience and hone their skills more. Even if an applicant doesn't score as high as others, if they have a willingness and are eager to learn, they might be worth taking a chance on.

React Native Junior Test: Considerations for Recruiters

As a recruiter or hiring manager, changing your hiring process needs to be done with careful thought and consideration. When making changes, you'll want to make sure they will be beneficial for you and the company. 

Adding assessments to your application or hiring process is a great way for companies to identify viable candidates faster. There are several considerations recruiters should remember when implementing the React Native junior test in the hiring process. 

It Helps Narrow Down Qualified Candidates

The React Native junior test can help you narrow down the most qualified candidates. Regardless of whether you use the assessment in the job application or later in the hiring process, it's a beneficial addition to your hiring process. 

For example, suppose they are unwilling to complete the assessment when submitting their resume and application. 

In that case, it's an indicator that they either don't care much about the position, aren't as qualified as their resume states, or aren't willing to showcase their skills for whatever reason.

It Will Save You Time

When hiring a mobile developer, having someone with the basic skills necessary to perform the job is crucial to saving you time. If a candidate can score highly on the React Native junior test, then you and your team can save time training the new hire to do everything that they, in theory, should know already. 

Another way this hiring test can save you time is by not wasting your time interviewing unqualified candidates. 

While their resume may state they have a certain amount of experience or skills in developing, having them prove it with the assessment can help you only interview those who score high enough for your liking.

It Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Going along with saving you time, having candidates take this assessment during the hiring process can save you money in the long run. It can save you money because hiring can be expensive. Hiring someone who doesn't have the right skills for the job is going to cost you. 

It'll cost you because you'll spend a significant amount of money on hiring them and then giving them the proper training. When you initially hire someone with the necessary React Native skills, your new mobile developer will have a better return on investment (ROI).

A Perfect Score Doesn't Always Mean a Perfect Candidate

Even if a candidate earns a perfect score on the assessment, it doesn't automatically mean they're the best candidate for the job. Yes, it shows they have a high skill in React, but there are other factors to consider when hiring a candidate other than how well they score on the React Native test. 

You'll want to make sure that they also fit in well with your company culture, have a positive attitude, and other attributes you're looking for in a new hire. 

For example, suppose a candidate scores 80% and has everything else you're looking for, but another applicant scores 100% and doesn't quite fit the company culture. In that case, the first candidate will most likely be the best return on investment.

Final Thoughts

The hiring process can be tedious and time-consuming. Filtering through the best candidates and then interviewing them takes valuable time away from you and your company. When hiring for any role, utilizing hiring assessments helps narrow down your candidate pool. 

When it comes to mobile developers and similar job titles, using the React Native junior test can help you see which candidates actually have the skills you're looking for in a new hire. The test only takes ten minutes and will save you time and money and streamline your hiring process. 

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